Trust the process…


Before we begin…thank you for your patience.

I have not gratuitously delayed the maintenance of this blog. Rather, I have been bound and gagged by the duties of due diligence and that my dear readers, comes with absolute consumption in the task at hand. Trust that I have not abandoned my post for simple frivolities or left you without communications because it was my desire to do so…but rather a need to do so for sanctity’s sake.

The book continues to go through the necessary steps of legal monitoring and that is to the credit of talented attorneys and other literary counsel, who understand the gravity of the tale and the expanse of its information. To them, I am grateful.

As for the rest of life, I am finally released of scholarly pursuits, health contingencies and deadlines and can commit fully to both life and the literary exercise with the joy of playful abandonment. So much of my life has been restricted to the rigors of this case, the demands of exacting sources and procuring and deliberating spiritual directives for the last several years, that I joy in finally seeing the natural end of things and the message that I can gather my strength for the approaching next moment…

But for now? For now, I shall tend to my literary garden, prune the lengthy lexicons, dot the i’s and cross the last few t’s and then look away from what has been, to what will be. This journey…this incredibly fantastical and mind-numbing progressive revelation of histrionic activities has been the most spherically engaging journey of my life.

Everything… and I mean everything in my life has collectively prepared me for this project and with each page written and committed to history, I can see how spirit has woven the threads of each individual I have met, each interest cultivated and every detour taken into the most amazing tapestry of experiences from which I have been asked to pull, to divine answers and connect the dots.

For those who wait with bated breath on the book’s release…LORDS OF THE HARVEST …trust that your patience will be well worth its frustration. Just as I, rest assured that you could never have anticipated where this adventure will ultimately lead you. There are lessons for all in this epic tome…lessons of history, of desire, debauchery, delusion and delayed justice.

Though spirit continues to edify with clues and calamities alike, I stand poised on the precipice of one of the world’s most intriguing tales and too share in the frustrations of the delay, but trust that delay in this instance has been the universe’s great good gift to me. No delay or momentary departure has been without merit or foundation and both it’s necessity and boon has been absolute. For the gift of detour, I cannot thank spirit enough. For the gift of faith in my abilities and associations, I am grateful as well.

They say that timing is everything and so I bow to a greater power and calibration than my own.

I am a number 7…a seeker of the unknown and this path was chosen for me in another life. The book will explain all, tell all and I eagerly wait for its path to publication. The universe is now setting the table, shifting the sands in the hourglass…setting the scene and cuing the curtain.

Trust in the process…trust in the timing.

Things are coming together sooner than you think!

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