Shhhhh! Someone may be listening!


I know you are all waiting for the next book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST” to be released– as am I, but it has to be right and it has to do what it is that the universe is asking of it… to provide information that leads to justice.

Already the book has gone through several incarnations, as more and more information and victims have come through. Each clue carefully considered and followed until its designated end.  This is important that you understand nothing has been rushed–nothing taken or entered into lightly.

Emotions have been weighed. Is what this book portends to wreak, worth the efforts and consequences that will befall those of us who have risked so much to create it? Will we wish we had turned and walked away? Will we be pleased at what we have gathered…ciphered…culminated and corrected?

Can we forgive those who have wronged us with clear enough heart to tip the scales of Karma?

The information continues to be vetted for accuracy and the writing for efficiency of verbiage. It is not a small tome and with so many alterations to include additional facts and suppositions, it has grown to be a rather heady manuscript. That being said, it will require you to use your intellect in arenas somewhat foreign to most. Do not despair. Whatever lies within its covers is there to help you build the appropriate educational bridges necessary to appreciate the intricate manipulations these killers have carefully engendered to achieve their collective goal.

To be certain…it is not about superficial titillation or gore mongering, though you will be sure to find enough for those who surf for such. It is about a graphic series of serial murders that have followed a common thread…executed by a specific brand of killer(s). This, if done properly, should bring potential closure to hundreds of people all across this nation and across several decades.

Timing is however, paramount. Nothing worthy is easy…nothing critical insignificant.

For now, I wait for a sign that the timing is right.

Remember; ‘Silence is not only golden…sometimes it’s necessary!


Someone may be listening!

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