The first review…



February 3, 2017…the anniversary date of someone’s death.

For those of  you who have read the book, you will understand! For those of you who have not? Remember this date!

Nonetheless; it’s an interesting day, because today I got my first review and how fitting that it came in the beginning of the Black History Month?


by T A Powell

Now available in both paperback and Kindle on


Benjamin Capone…

Today in Black History we highlight the Atlanta Child Murders: According the FBI, black boys and girls were murdered and mutilated over a period of three years, longer if you ask the locals. Atlanta witnessed child after child being kidnapped and murdered. I personal knew four children. Wayne Williams, a young local talent producer\employee of Ted Turner was blamed but never charged with the murders. My neighborhood was targeted by the murderers and J.W. Dobbs Elementary School lost several children.

The children’s’ bodies were mostly found in South Fulton County, now home to the black elite. The homes are now priced at $500,000 and up. I was chased, as well as several people from my neighborhood and neither of us identified Wayne as the person chasing us. The children slowly faded into obscurity.

Please say a prayer for the forgotten and teach your children about this dark history of Atlanta.

I strongly recommend you read Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir by T. A. Powell.

Special shout out to Ginny Bulloch for staying on the case. I really appreciate her body of work in the Atlanta child murder case.

Wayne is in good spirit and he is happy with the new book. He still has the same joyous voice.

History shouldn’t be a mystery.



Thanks to all who helped me research the information for this book.

For the victims…


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