Movement on the Columbus Stocking Strangle Case…

Movement on the Columbus Stocking Strangle Case…

The time has come to share some things.

The book is now out and has begun to make its secrets known. Already several key players in these cases  are beginning to take note of the findings in the book and the information they will need to move justice forward for their clients. Be respectful of those who have done so much to bring this information to you.

None of the people in this project; “Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir”, have ever been paid for their services…they have done this from their hearts. Five women bring you these truths, because to let these victims remain lost in history’s files was not acceptable. Five women who spent their nights and days doing research–asking questions, digging through files, searching maps and motives for clues. All for free…all for the victims.

 In Columbus?

Because of the book, those in power  now know that the true predator of these seven elderly women that were murdered –the man whom the police refused to process as a Person Of Interest when it mattered, still lives…still walks the streets of a place attorneys and law enforcement were told about in 2015 and 2016.

Where is this, you ask?

Buy the book!

The FBI was informed of this information, as far back as 2015 and again in another formal report given in 2016. His name…his address…where he shops… where he buys his dog food, etc.

In Atlanta?

 They are taking another look at the man who they convicted for the crimes of Cater and Payne. Did they make a mistake? And what of the many Missing and Murdered Children? Who really took their lives and why?

It is stranger than you think and the players in this case will shock and amaze you.

Again, all information was shared with those who needed to know in those same formal reports.

In the days and weeks ahead, you will come to know everything about these cases…who was involved…who killed who… who covered things up and who has done everything to keep these truths from you. But do not get sidetracked by your location or your bias. There are over 93-100 cases involved in this national tragedy.

And what of California? The Zodiac kills, the Sonoma Stocking Stranglings, The Hillside Stranglings, The Black Dahlia…

And what of Florida?

Or Maine… or Colorado…or Texas…or Chicago… or Michigan?

And what of Boston?

Who really strangled all those women? Murdered those children? Tortured those men?

 Discover everything…reveal the secrets…understand the mystery…regret nothing…pursue the truth!



 by T.A. Powell


Available on in both paperback and Kindle format now!

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