It happened again!


It happened again…

Late last night after I finished with homework which has absolutely taken over my life, I was preparing to shut down my computer when the little white dog, Harley began to pace the office floor agitated. I threw the tennis ball for her as distraction, but that wasn’t what she was interested in. What she was interested in was something… or someone I could not see. I glanced at the 8×10 of Charley and less than 10 seconds later; she began barking and fixating on the ceiling. Again, she ran from corner to corner, onto the coach beside my desk and continued to bark…following the ethereal guest with her eyes and a low sullen growl. Understanding now that I have visitors in this office too, I merely began to ask who it was and went through a litany of names addressing the possible interloper.

Was it Charley?

Miss M?

Perhaps it was Jessica or Roxanne?

Maybe the MOT swung by to invite me to a game of golf!

Sooooooo… could it have been my dear sweet friend, Charley? Maybe.  But she usually doesn’t bark if he is in the room. Perhaps it was someone new or just someone she hasn’t seen for awhile. Maybe my parents? Or maybe…

Tick … tick… tick… tick…

I can tell the pendulum has begun its descent. The night before my husband pulled me away from my laptop after 12 hours, for a much needed break. He surprised me and took me to another Thai restaurant! Yes… in Covington! As fate would have it, I ordered the exact same wine and dish I’d had the other week. Sipping comfortably from my glass, I thought to myself about the previous premonition. You remember? The little girl with the big eyes and the curious nature? The little girl who should have been ordering Chicken McNuggets? The little girl whose fascination with a pecular character ran chills down my spine? The little girl who looked deeply into her mother’s eyes and asked…

“Who is the Grim Reaper?”

Ahhhhh, yes. That girl!

“I know who he is… why don’t you ask me?” I wanted to say, but instead sipped on my wine quietly and thought, soon…soon. The world will know soon. Perhaps I should start checking out the newspapers.

Enjoy your day, Grim- for they may be numbered.

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