Dead fish…



Sometimes I see things and worry that they mean something more than what they  apear to be. Take for instance, this morning at a ridiculous hour I was getting ready to leave for work and when I got to my car, I took a moment to take in the twinkling lights across the lake and sighed. Two minutes later I climbed in the Mustang, revved the motor and prepared to go up the hill of my long driveway. Midway, my lights caught the silver spackling of something and I slammed on my brakes.

I honked. It didn’t move.

I batted my headlights like a Southern debutante in heat… it still didn’t move!

Curious, I got out of my car and walked to the front of the car. There beneath the bumper of my wonderful car was a fish. A very dead fish!

I was flummoxed.

How the hell did a fish get all the way up from the lake and onto my 1/8 mile long drive?

Was it carried by bird?

Was it hauled by raccoon?

Was it deposited by demon as a message?


I pondered it for a moment then called my husband and warned him not to let the dogs drag it off. All the way into work I canvassed the limited analysis of references for such an interpretation in my mind. Dead animals in the driveway… dead animals anywhere…fish… any fish…dead fish.


Other than sounding like a really bad version of a lovesick redneck ballad I could pen…

“Oh, darlin. Dead fish on the driveway… garbage on the lawn. That’s how you left me baby…just a jailbird  without a song!”

(By the way Grim… I wrote that for you!!!)


So what does a dead fish in your driveway mean? Is this like the bloody horse head on the end of the bed like in the Godfather? Was this supposed to be the representative of some great misdeed to come? My Numerology today said that hidden information would be received, sooooooooooo…curious I began to investigate.

Once at work, I Googled the combination of words; dead +fish and waited patiently for my inspired interpretation- my hidden information… my nugget of wisdom.  I just knew it would have great meaning, so I salivated as the screen rolled and rolled. Other than producing a plethora of potential coupons for scented trash bags or links to Bass Pro Shop… I received nothing for my troubles.

At least, nothing that I cared to ascribe to MY life.

Exhausted by homework and the usual chaos of  my days- I now sit before you a tired, and unimpressed woman who has decided that if this was meant to be a sign… the messenger sucked.

I didn’t get it…I don’t get it.

But maybe the message wasn’t for me. Maybe one of you will know what this means? Maybe this has more to do with metaphorical fishing than actual fish. If I think about this long enough, I’m sure I’ll come up with something. But minus both energy and inspiration at the moment, I have decided tonight my dear friends, that sometimes a dead fish…is just a dead fish!

So in the spirit of… ok, the spirit! Take the night off.

Hum me a few bars of that tune, will ya Grim? How does it go again???

“Dead fish on the driveway, don’t always mean flies in the house!”


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