I know it has been days…

Evening storms and long full days at work have kept me away from the laptop and checking in. So many things have happened since the last blog, I scarcely know where to start and yet the point is moot; as I cannot tell you most of what has transpired. Suffice it to say that angels have walked among my days and the path seems to be clearing for the fruition of many dreams. For this I am eternally grateful.


A puff of wind that blew a small feather in circles about my feet yesterday like a small kitten who darts and weaves its way in and about one’s ankles was a sign from Charley that he is with me…a small dish of bird or sesame seeds that I have yet to deduce, a man and a cigar, a woman from another case are but a few of the impressions that have come through this week. One of my favorites was a quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Either write something worth reading… or do something worth writing about.”

Thus, I confess the last few days have been spent wholly on the book and my theatre work- so many of each, which has left me so little time to write simply for the sake of writing. Things are happening dear readers and you should be able to sense the same within your own lives. This has been a dividing day…A day for letting go of and getting rid of the old- people, places and situations that no longer serve us…thoughts and attitudes which poison our perceptions. A day to look forward and leave the dwindling horizon behind.

Today I received a call which brought me the promise of a great blessing and I look forward to another soon that will tell me that I have done Charley proud and not abandoned the task before the miracle could be delivered. This book is good.. no, this book great! But I fear that no matter how many letters apart from real names and real intentions I try to place folks- those of you in the know, will see through its charade and find the 4 in flannel to be exactly whom you thought and feared them to be.

The men of your churches… your neighbors… the pillars of your community…those who took an oath to protect and defend you and cheat Karma.

But can you ever beat the great equalizer?

Can it be that the calendar pages will continue to flip beyond this year? Will fate drag this out one more season or will we be done with it before the return of autumn?

They see Grim being boxed in a corner- trapped- with no other way out but to tell what he knows.

They show Einstein holding his tongue- he will drown in his own lies.

They show the farmer in the dell under the strain of lights- talk -talk -talk they say!


The keeper of the court? He wil forever remain culpable!

Where are the blades that cut Charley’s arms? What was in the farmer’s lunch box? Where is the weapon that delivered the second shot? Where are the cheek bones that met with the shovel? And where  is the necklace that shines from under water as the broken neck bobs in the waves?


On the night of this new moon… may the victims in this case, haunt the living and bring them to heel.


For me, I have several Saints to plea for other favors:

St. Victus- the patron saint of theatre, vocals and seizures.

St. Johnathon- the patron saint of editors, book sellers, publishers

St. Teresa- the patron saint of writers


May they all intercede upon my behalf and prove to those who embrace evil, that light will always triumph over dark.


Want to borrow a flashlight to bring you out of the dark, Grim? I can ask Charley if he will let you use the one you placed beside his body that night… not too far from his hat!


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