Is she done with this?


While researching this book for Charley… I ran across two names that have a potential tie to what was commonly referred to in the 60’2 and early 70’s as the “Dixie Mafia”… or somewhat more appropriately termed…the “Cornbread Mafia.” Now what do you say does Charley’s murder have to do with the Dixie Mafia? Well now, that remains to be seen. But the most important thing is that back in the day… and you can attest to this for me Grim- those lose cannons didn’t all reside in Valdosta! Some of thos loose cannons ran the rest of the state that your dearly beloved and incarcerated law enforcement leader did not. Hmmmm… Let’s take a look shall we?

Your 4 in flannel had no problem with murder- neither did the mafia.

Your 4 in flannel had no problem with porn and prostitution-neither did the mafia.

Your 4 in flannel had no problem with illegal hooch- lord knows neither did the mafia.

Your 4 in flannel had no problem with kidnapping…rape…torture…drug running…gun running…burglary…counterfeit money…car bombs…car theft- amazingly enough? Neither did the mafia!

See where I’m going with this? Some of the same key players had bigger aspirations than just your sandy little burg and some of them were connected to folks who lived quite a bit north of your sandy little burg. This is the new road. The new project. This is where Charley now leads.

Aside from additional evidence and clues that must be forwarded in Charley’s case…we now look to another county in the state of Georgia…to another murder… to another child who lost a parent to unwarranted violence. Charley’s book ends with the introduction to the next case, or rather cases that I will be working in the next book under the working title of, THE DEAD LINE, Copyright 2010.

Do not worry though- I have not abandoned Charley or my pursuit to bring his killers to justice. Just know that the blog does not always give a true reflection of where things are… or where they aren’t. It is best that I keep you guessing.

Is she done with this and moved on to that? Am I safe to crawl out of the shadows and back into the light? Think children…have I ever let go of ANYTHING?

NO. I have not. Like the junkyard dog we all fear, I am just getting warmed up-just testing the chains that bind me for the moment. I wait. I watch…and when ready…I will bite. Until then, I’ll just go fishing. Got me some good bait and I’m just itching to cast my line. Gonna catch me a big fella too. Oughta be some good feasting coming up…don’t worry ya’ll. I’ll send an invite when I get ready to FRY that fish! After all, best fish ever caught was the ones flopping about on the wet pavement just a 1000 feet or so from the Withlacoochee River. You know Grim, the ones that was there that night-dancing in the rain- trying not to drown in their own lies. Hear tell that’s where Charley liked to catch his fish…had some good bait too that night…but nothing like the bait I got!

Rumor has it-worms aren’t the only way to catch a fish. Sometimes you gotta think outside the box…the lunch box that is! Know what I mean, Grim?

Hope you had a good New Year’s …


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